Harlow and Merrien make it in the mixed pairs tie break

17 January, 2020

In the ‘Just’ 2020 World Indoor Championships Mixed Pairs it was the pairing of England’s Greg Harlow and Alison Merrien MBE from the Channel Islands up against Scotland’s Darren Burnett and pairs partner from England, PBA No 1 Lady, Nicole Rodgers.

Burnett, Harlow, Rodgers & Merrien pre match practice

With all four players in good form on the portable rink no pair really got away from each other and in the first set it was quickly 5 all by the fourth end. Harlow/Merrien pulled out a last minute single on end five but Burnett/Rodgers hauled them back again taking a double in end six. End seven was a good scrap but it was Harlow Merrien that managed to get a count for two to take the first set 8,7

Harlow/Merrien managed to take a single shot on both ends one and two in the second, but Burnett/Rodgers quickly responded drafting out a two in the third end - all square. End four and it was a great bowl from Harlow made a double, end five and this time it was Burnett that took a single. End six was a real good scrap between all four players but it settled with Harlow making a single to go 5-3 in the lead with only one end left to play. A great bowl from Burnett which Harlow could not match meant that Burnett/Rodgers took a count of three to seal that set 5,6 and force the tie break.

The tie break was quick and succinct as the Harlow & Meerien combination swiftly took control and they sealed the firsst two ends and match to take their place in the semis on Sunday 19th in the afternoon.