Harlow and Brett take the last semi final place

13 January, 2019

The last quarter final saw Greg Harlow and Nick Brett up against the successful Australian Pair Dave Rankin and Kyle McIlroy who had fought their way through the prlim matches, got past Darren Burnett and Stewart Anderson and who were looking good out there on the portable rink.

The first three ends of set one was a bit of a scrap between them and it was 2,1 to Harlow and Brett by end 3 and then a great fourth end for the Australians as they picked off a count of four to go 2,5 in the lead. Undismayed, Harlow and Brett just kept steadily going and were rewarded in takeng the last three ends to clinch the first set 6,5.

Greg Harlow, Dave Rankin & Nick Brett

Once again Rankin and McIlroy swapped their lead and skip positions in an effort to change their play at the start of the second set but against the seasoned campaigners of Harlow and Brett this tactic cut no ice as they took a 3,2 lead by the fourth end. No matter what Rankin and McIlroy did it was Harlow and Brett that again took the last three ends of the set to clinch the set 9,2 to seal their place in tomorrow’s second semi final against Mark Royal and Andy Thomson MBE.