harlow and brett in outstanding form in the pairs

14 January, 2019

The second semi-final was an all English affair between Mark Royal and the legendary Andy Thomson MBE up against World No 1, Greg Harlow, and Nick Brett.

Into the first set and it was Harlow and Brett that just had the edge as they picked off Royal and Thomson to take the first three ends with an opening two followed with two singles. Ends four and five it was Thomson that took two singles in ends four and five but Harlow stopped this with a single in end six which put Harlow/Brett 3 shots up going into the final end. Despite everything Thomson was only allowed to take a single away in end seven and first set went to Karlow/Brett.

Nick Brett, Mark Royal, Greg Harlow & Andy Thomson MBE

Second set and it was Harlow and Brett that literally played some great bowls and no matter what either Royal or Thomson did the duo of Harlow and Brett always had an answer for. Taking the first four ends with singles and end five grabbing a two to take the scoreline to 0,6. Royal and Thomson now needed some big scoring ends and despite digging their heels in they were only granted a double on end six and end seven was the finish as they dropped a further single. Set and match went to Harlow and Brett 3,5 – 2,7 and they go through to meet Paul Foster MBE and Alex Marshall MBE next Monday.