harlow and brett edge past thomson and royal

15 January, 2018

The second semi final of the Pairs was between Andy Thomson MBE and Mark Royal against Greg Harlow and Nick Brett. This was an incredible match with all four players and none giving way to the other.

In the first set Harlow and Brett took an early lead of 2-4 going into the 5th end and taking a single there and again on the 6th to make the score 4-6 leaving Thomson and Royal looking for a minimum of a four to draw the set. Despite some good bowls for Thomson they could only make a double, so Harlow and Brett took the first set 4-6.

The second set and it was Thomson’s turn as he and Royal picked themselves up and raised a gear going 4 – 1 up into the 4th end. Harlow and Brett fought back hard and it was 4 all going into the final end of the 2nd set. Thomson drew a great bowl and it was set to Thomson and Royal. Into the tie break and the Harlow-Brett pairing unleashed some great bowls to take both first ends to seal the match victory and see themselves through to the Final.