guernsey’s merrien makes the semi finals in the Ladies world singles

19 January, 2019

Third quarter final of the day here in the International Arena at Potters Resort was between New Zealand’s qualifier, Helen Carman, and No 3 Lady on the PBA Ranking list, Alison Merrien MBE.  Merrien has previously won both the World Indoor Ladies Singles and Mixed Pairs Titles.

Alison Merrien MBE (foreground) & Helen Carman

It was Carman that started well with a three and a single on the first two ends as Merrien seemed to take a while to get to grips with the pace on the rink. However, Merrien took full advantage as Carman just went walkabout in end three, taking a count of three. Carman though recovered and put Merrien under great pressure in both end four and five, only allowing the Guernsey lady to take a single on both ends. Carman then took a single on end six to level the score at five all. But then it was Carman that again went walkabout with her line and it it was Merrien that was allowed to take a triple and a two on the next two ends to take the first set 5,10.

Second set start and it was Carman that started off well again and took a count of three on the first end. Merrien though used her experience and rallied well, scoring seven shots over the next three ends to go four shots in the lead. Then it was Merriens turn to lose the plot on end five and was grateful to use her last bowl to cut down the head and Carman took a single count. Scoreline 4,7 to Merrien. Sixth end and Carman lay three shots and it was a full blooded strike from Merrien that took the jack clean into the back ditch and her chalker went right in beside, one to Merrien. Last end and it was again Merrien that held herself together to take a full house of four and set 4,12 for a place in the semi finals on Wednesday next week.

Alison Merrien MBE