greensland shoe’s his way to the second round

4 November, 2018

In the first round match it was Jason Greenslade, Ranked 14, from Wales up against the qualifier from Hong Kong, Chris Chau. Greenslade is on the cusp of going out of the Top 16 and needs to win a few matches this season to stay in the World Top 16. Proceedings opened up with Greenslade taking a single on end 1. End two and it appeared as if Greenslade was note quite on form and Chau took a treble. End 3 and Chau took a double and it seemed as if Greenslade was struggling on the portable. Chau went on to take two singles and another treble to take the scoreline to 3-10 at the finish of end 6. Greenslade then took a four on end 8 as Chau olayed a bad end but Chau finished off the set with a single on end 8 to inish 4-11.

Into the second set and again Greenslade opened up taking a single on end 1 and then it was Chau again that took the next two ends with two singles. At this stage Greenslade asked for a technical time out so he could change his shoes – it appears that he was wearing a brand new pair of shoes that were troubling him on his delivery and he wanted to change to his old shoes. This was allowable under the rules and then the match resumed. It seemed as if someone had thrown a switch for Greenslade as he then powered his way through the rest of the set taking two three’s and a single to close the set off 9-3 and got the tie break. The tie break went very swiftly as Greenslade took the first two ends and match. 4,11 – 9,3 – 2,0.