greenslade wins tie break battle against Rimmington

16 January, 2019

Last match of the day in the Open Singles was between the South African, Craig Rimmington and the Welsh Wizard, Jason Greenslade. Jason is on the slippery slope in the rankings so really needs a good start to this tournament and is hoping that this first match will be the start of a good campaign.

It was Greenslade that started well and it appeared that the South African had not yet got to grips with the pace of the fast running rink and Greenslade took the first four ends with a total of seven shots to go into a 7,0 lead. End five though was a different story as Rimmington seemed to find his way a bit better and fought back hard to take a double. Into end six and again Rimmington was looking a lot better and giving Greenslade a good run and fight, it was Rimmington that took a single and this was repeated in end seven, set score 7,4 to Greenslade. Digging in deep it was Greenslade that took ends eight and nine with two singles to take the first set 9,4.

Craig Rimmington & Jason Greenslade

Set two was a slightly different story, Rimmington shortened the mat and jack and caused Greenslade a fair bit of trouble and was 3,5 up by the fourth end. Taking three further singles in the next three ends suddenly it looked as if there was a big match on the cards. Then came end eight, Greenslade seemed to find a great line and weight and put in close bowls to the jack, Rimmington tried to fire them out but after the dust had settled it was Greenslade that came away with a full count of four. Final end and again Rimmington just held Greenslade off and took a final single count to take the set and enter the tie break. Scoreline 7,9.

Tie break and again Rimmington put Greenslade under big pressure but the Welsh Wizard kept his cool and pulled some great shots out of the bag and went on to take the first two ends and match.