greenslade topples anderson in the semi final

13 November, 2015

The first semi-final of the Co-operative funeralcare Scottish International Open featured Crowd favourite Scotland’s own Stewart Anderson. The 30 year old from Ayeshire had been on cracking form all week, taking out defending champion Nick Brett in the second round in arguably one of the best games ever seen on the portable rink. Anderson faced Welsh Wizard Jason Greenslade who hadn’t dropped a set, so far, in the entire tournament. While the heavens opened with Hurricane Abigail pounding on the roof of the Dewars centre in Perth the two gladiators took to the stage.

After seven ends of the first set the scores were peeled at 4.4. Greenslade picked up a count of one shot at end eight to go into the lead at the last end 5.4. Greenslade holds two. Anderson plays through and takes the jack into the ditch and holds a count of one with his toucher that followed the jack into the ditch. Greenslade plays an outstanding bowl to beat Andersons bowl, right on the edge of the rink. Anderson takes Greenslade’s bowl off clean and counts the two shots he needs to win the first set 6.5. What an outstanding set of bowls. Anderson on fire. Greenslade dropping his first set this week.

Into the second set and both bowlers place their first bowls within inches and we look on for another nail biting set of bowls. First blood Greenslade 2.0 after two ends. Greenslade holds shot and Anderson plays a runner to remove Greenslade’s bowls and hold a one. Greenslade draws it back. Gladiator plays gladiator, Bowl plays bowl. Anderson just over reaches by inches and Greenslade goes 3.0 up after three ends. Another two and we look on for a tie break. Anderson stops the rot and picks up a one at the next end. Can he claw the scoreline back? Another two to Anderson and after six ends the score is 5.3 to Greenslade. Anderson held shot to the last bowl then his bowl sat out, one to Greenslade. End eight and Greenslade leads 6.3 but plays his worst end of the game to allow Anderson in and with a fist pump to the air Anderson plays Greenslade’s closest bowl out to pick up a four and take him 7.6 in the lead going into the last end. Greenslade picks up the two he needs to take the second set and the first Semi Final goes into a tie break. Greenslade winning the second set 8.7.

First tie break end Greenslade draws shot. Anderson tries to take it out manages but his own bowl runs out of the count. Greenslade draws in again. Huge bowl for Anderson and he just misses. First end to Greenslade. Second end Greenslade draws close and Anderson runs at the bowl. Twice he misses. Third bowl Anderson takes Greenslade’s closest out but Greenslade still holds shot. Greenslade draws within ten inches and Anderson beats it and draws shot. Greenlsade plays a runner and takes Andersons bowl out and it is Greenslade who takes the first final place 2.0 in the tie break.