Greenslade makes the 2nd Round of the open singles

19 January, 2020

First match up in the International Arena here at Potters Resort in the ‘Just’ 2020 World Open Singles Championships was between the Welsh Wizard, Jason Greenslade, and Australian Qualifier Brendon Egan.

Greenslade delivers as Egan looks on

The first set it was Egan that took over the running as he powered his way through the first five ends to build up a 2,7 lead against Greenslade. It seemed as if Greenslade was just struggling a little to catch the rink but suddenly he found it and had a second wind. over the next four ends he just did not let Egan catch a breath as he slowed overhauled the Australian end on end and took the first set by the narrowest of margins of 1 shot. 8,7.

The second set started a few moments late as the players had to wait for about five minutes when a spectator was taken ill and had to be looked after. On the commencement of the set it was Greenslade that powered right past Egan to build a quick 7,4 lead by the third end. It seemed as if the delay had caught the Australian as he appeared to suddenly struggle with the pace of the rink. Egan managed two singles in ends four and five but then it was Greenslade that finished off the set with a double and a single to take the second set and match 10,2