greenslade into the quarter finals in a dramatic finish

23 January, 2020

The last match here in the International Arena from Potters Resort in the ‘Just’ 2020 World Indoor Open Singles Championships saw the Welsh wizard, World Ranking at No 16, Jason Greenslade facing up to the World No 2, Greg Harlow. The match was full of twists and turns and surprising bowls.

Harlow, Greenslade and Match Official Dan Bluett

Set one started with Greenslade not quite getting it and Harlow picking up the first four ends all with single counts. Greenslade then managed to put together some good bowls to take the next two ends with a single and a double but then it was Harlow that turned it all on and deftly picked up the next three ends with a total of six shots to take the first set in style 3,10.

Second set though it became derailed for Harlow as some loosish bowls let Greenslade right back in and by end five it was 8,1 to Greenslade. End six was better for Harlow as he collected a three count to go 8,4 behind. End seven with Harlow missing a few shots it was Greenslade that collected a two count to go 10,4 ahead. In ends eight and nine Harlow missed with a few and only managed to collect a total of four shots so it was second set to Greenslade 10,8.

Greenslade & Harlow looking at the head down the rink

Into the tie break and this was full of draw and drive from both players and it was Harlow that took the first end. Harlow was lying second end and game and it was Greenslade that played the perfect shot to take the second end. Third end - Harlow lying game - Greenslade nominated to kill - end killed with a massive drive - replayed end. Again it was Greenslade that came out of the dust up to take the third end and match to get the quarter final berth where he faces Mark Dawes in the last match of the day here on Friday evening.