greenslade in top form slams into the semi finals

24 January, 2020

The last match of the day in the International Arena in the ‘Just’ 2020 World Indoor Open Singles quarter finals was between the ‘Welsh Wizard’ Jason Greenslade and England’s Mark Dawes, former World Indoor Champion.

Dawes & Greenslade on rink

The first set was a tight affair with both players keeping the crowd entertained with high end bowls utilising draw, timed and outright firing bowls. Such was the standard that the scoreline by close of play on end six was a mere 3 all. Greenslade managed to grab a well earned single on end seven but then it was Dawes that took the final two ends with a double and a three count for the first set 8,4

Second set and it seemed as if Greenslade had picked up a notch as he took a 4,6 lead by the close of the sixth end. It was Greenslade that took a further three as Dawes missed with several running bowls to try to save that end. Greenslade went on to take another double on end eight leaving Dawes the mountainous task of getting a four count on the last end - not to be and Greenslade took the second set 8-9.

Into the tie break and it was Dawes that had a good start with lead bowls but Greenslade, with deadly accuracy sent them spinning away with tremendous drive shots - first end to Greenslade. Again it was Dawes on the second end right on the jack and again it was Greenslade firing straight down the line to take them off - in the end the jack went wide and it was Greenslade that picked it off with a perfect delivery to take shot bowl for the set and match. Greenslade goes through to the semi finals where he meets Nick Brett.