Greenslade breathes a sigh of relief

4 March, 2018

It was the Welsh Wizard, Jason Greenslade up against Cumbrian qualifier, Ian Gallagher in the first match here today in the Co-op Funeralcare International Open and it was an extremely important match for the Welshman. On the cusp of going out of the top 16 Greenslade needed to win this match.

Into the first set and Greenslade was in total concentration as he powered his way through. By end five he was 6-1 up and took a further double in the next end. Gallagher was not quite finding his weight and though he grabbed a single in end seven it was Greenslade that was finding the big bowls and took the first set 9-2.

Into the second set and Gallagher had settled and was giving Greenslade a tough time and by end seven it was a mere 4 each. Gallagher took a double in end eight to go 2 shots ahead of Greenslade and a further single in end nine to take the second set 4-7. Into the tie break and it was Gallagher lying shot, Greenslade with his last bowl played a shot to perfection to take the first end. Into the second end and again it was Gallagher that lay two shots, Greenslade played a runner and edged the jack into the open – Gallagher drew and his bowl was shot though it left a foot of space and Greenslade played a great bowl to take shot and second end of the tie break and match. With a sigh of relief Greenslade knew that he had improved his chances of staying in the top 16 with this win.

Match score was::9,2 - 4,7 - 2,0