Greenslade bows out to Harlow by fractions of millimetres

7 November, 2018

First match of the day at the Dewars Centre in the Scottish International Open 2018 was between the ‘Welsh Wizard’ Jason Greenslade and World No. 1, Greg Harlow. It was Harlow on the card first with a single and then, as Greenslade not quite on the mark t the start, Harlow took a full count of four in the second end. Greenslade seemed just not quite right and by end six he was 1,7 down. Suddenly, end seven, and Greenslade came with his legendary wizardry and took the next two ends to close the scoreline down to 4,7. Into the last end and looking for a three for a tie it was all Harlow could do to hold off this late charge and Greenslade finished up with a double. First set to Harlow 6,7.

Second set and it was Greenslade this time that put Harlow under the hammer and by end four it was 6,3 to Greenslade. With some precision bowls from both players ends five and six went to Greenslade with singles. End seven and Harlow played superbly and managed to get a single away from Greenslade but it was the Welsh Wizard that sealed set two with a further single on end eight.9,4

Into the tie break and both players were on top form with each player taking one end each and we went into the third end where it was Greenslade that layed game set and match but then Harlow nominated to kill the end with his bowl – a fast drive and he did just that. Replayed end and again both players were not letting up on each other. Harlow lay shot and Greenslade drove with his second bowl – jack and toucher in the ditch about four feet apart, Harlow drew but was out of rink on a string measure, Greenslade drew another and Harlow had it all to play for and drew to just end of ditch for shot, Greenslade elected to try to drive and missed Harlow’s bowl by about 2 millimetres and it was Harlow’s match. 6,7 – 9,4 – 1,2.