Greenslade blunts the ‘Razors’ stroke

12 November, 2015

Here at the Co-operative Funeralcare Scottish International Open the first of the day’s quarter DSC_0231finals featured World No 12 Jason Greenslade and World No 15 Les ‘Razor’ Gillett. The first set Greenslade opened up quite a commanding lead in the early stage and although Gillett dragged some of it back he was unable to catch the Welshman and it was Greenslade who took the first set 11.6.

The second set Greenslade opened well but Gillett picked up a count of two at end 5 to hold the score at 4.2 to Greenslade after five ends. Another count of two shots to Gillett and the scores peel at 4.4 after six ends. Greenslade draws with his last bowl on end seven to go back in the lead. Exciting finish to the first quarter final here at the Dewars Center. End eight and Greenslade holds three shots and game lie with Gillett one delivery left to keep him in the event. Gillett drives and misses and Greenslade steps into the Semi finals with a 11.6 8.4 scoreline