Greenslade adds himself to the second round

2 November, 2019

Welsh wizard, Jason Greenslade, knew he absolutely had to play well to earn vitally needed World Ranking points to help him stay in the World’s Top 16 elite player group and he had to earn them here at the Scottish International Open.

Up against Israels Daniel Alonim, who has also many Israeli and National titles, Greenslade brought his A game to this match from the get go. Taking a full count in the first end followed by a double and a single we was 7 shots ahead before Alonim could get a point on the card. With a further double and single he increased his lead to 9 shots. Alonim never gave up though and took a treble in end 7, and went on to lay a few more shots in end 8 but it was Greenslade that slammed any comeback hopes as he played a great shot to have 2nd bowl leaving Alonim with just a single count - not enough and the first set went Greenslade’s way 10,5. Closely followed with a blistering performance to take the second set 12,2.

Daniel Alonim