gower makes the Ladies World Matchplay final

22 January, 2020

Last match of the day from the International Arena in the ‘Just’ 2020 World Indoor Ladies Matchplay was between PBA Ranked No 3 lady, Lancashires Janice Gower and PBA Ranked No 2 lady, Devon’s Nicole Rogers. Both ladies were in and out over the match with some short and long bowls each but there were a lot of good bowls from both.

Gower waits whilst Rogers sends her bowl

First set it was Gower that got off to a good start going into a 5,0 lead by the completion of end four but Rogers dug in and did not give up and she took a well played single off Gower in end five. Gower then took a single for the next end and in end seven it was Rogers that had a great end as she took a count of three off Gower to close the deficit to only two shots 6,4. Gower managed to get two singles in the next two ends to take the first set 8,4.

Second set and this was a bit tighter between the two players and by end five it was 3 all. Rogers had found the rink a bit better and was giving Gower a harder time of it and it was Gower than managed to just hold on taking a double and two singles over the next three ends to take the second set and match 7,3.