Gower makes the Ladies Matchplay semi finals

18 January, 2020

Last match of the afternoon here in the International Arena at Potters Resort in the ‘Just’ 2020 Ladies World Matchplay Championships was a match between New Zealand’s Rhonda Adams and England’s Janice Gower.

Rhonda Adams

The first set and it was quickly apparent that Adams had got to grips with the rink and was producing superb bowls against Gower and it was a mere 4 all by the end of the fifth. Adams went on to take a great single and then a double away from Gower on ends six and seven and then went on to deny the English competitor any real count and Gower was only able to get a single on the last two ends so the first set went to the New Zealander 7,6.

Second set and it was again Adams that started well, taking a well earned single in the first end seemed to make Gower even more determined. Taking the second end with a three it seemed to shake Adams a little and Gower was able to get in some good bowls and shots to take the next three ends with triples on each to go 1,12 in the lead. End six and Adams managed to create a single shot but Gower closed her down with a further single to take the second set and force the much needed tie break 2,13.

Janice Gower

Into the tie break and it was Adams that hung on with grit and determination to take the first end. Second end though it was Gower that finished up with that end after the tightes of measures for shot bowl - so one each and into the last end, Gower played a good opener but Adams beat that and it was Adams that hung on to that single shot and Gower hd one bowl left and inches to either draw or try a runnung bowl. Gower decided to play a draw shot and was virtually inch perfect and it was the tie break and match to Gower who now goes through to the semi finals next week.