Gourley into the second round of the Open Singles

15 January, 2020

Second match of the day on the portable rink was the World Indoor Open Singles with Scotland’s David Gourlay MBE being drawn against the Scottish qualifier, John McCrorie.

Gourlay and McCrorie

The first set and it was Gourlay that took just a single off McCrorie but it was McCrorie that turned the tables in the next two ends taking three shots away from Gourlay. End four was a bad one for McCrorie as Gourlay took three shots to go 4,3 up in the match. Despite some great bowls thoughwith great quality bowls to take four shots off Gourlay over the next two ends from McCrorie it was Gourlay that had the edge and despite everything that McCrorie did it was Gourlay that took the next four ends with hard fought singles to close out the first set 8,3.

McCrorie though was making a fight of the match and he started taking a single on the first end followed by an amazing three on the second end. Gourlay responded in kind taking a single and a double on the next two ends to only be one shot behind. End five and it was a great bowl from McCrorie to get a single but again Gourlay responded with a double on the next end to level the score at 5 all on the sixth end. McCrorie pounced with some great bowls to take four shots over ends seven and eight to go four shots ahead. On the final end it was Gourlay that drew on all his expertise but could only get three shots so it was McCrorie that took the second set 8,9.

Into the three end tie break and the atmosphere was tense within the arena but it was Gourlay that rose to the challenge as McCrorie played some terrific bowls but Gourlay was able to produce that wonder bowl on each of the first two ends to take the tie break in two straight ends to take himself into the second round of the event.