Gourley and Gower remove defending champions in the mixed pairs

17 January, 2020

In the first match of the mixed pairs day here at Potters Resort in the ‘Just’ 2020 World Indoor Mixed Pairs it was the defending Champions Robert Paxton and Ellen Falkner up against David Gourlay and Janice Gower and it looked a good match on paper.

Gourlay, Falkner, Paxton & Gower

The first set in the packed arena was a really great start with all four players on the go right off. Both ladies were leading for their partners and both were going quite well, and the two skips were in great form so the match had the captivation of the arena audience. The first started really well with both sides getting a double each in the first two ends, then Gourlay/Gower took a three and a single in the next two ends to go 2,6 up. End five and Paxton played a great shot to assist in taking a three on that end to get 5,6 but it was great bowls from all 4 players in the next two ends to take one each and after the dust had settled it was Gourlay/Gower that took the first set 6,7.

Second set It was the duo of Paxton/Falkner that started off the best as they took the first two ends with a single and a treble, two each side on the next two ends and at the start of end five it was 6,4 to Paxton/Falkner. Ends five and six went to Gourlay/Gower with a double and a single to leave them one behind by one shot going into the final end. It went down to the skips to battle it out and it was Gourly/Gower combination that lay two shots and match with Paxton having the last bowl. Paxton tried but his bowl just went inches past and it was Gourlay /Gower that took the second set and match with 6,7 to go into the Sunday’s semi finals.