gourlay whips past mccrorie in a blur

16 January, 2018

Second match Crorie was struggling to get his line and weight and was very quickly put under the cosh by Gourlay. By end five of the first set Gourlay was 5-2 up and he took another single in end six. McCrorie managed to grab a single in end seven but Gourlay shut him down in the next two ends with two singles to take the first set 8-3.

Into the second set and McCrorie was still struggling against a dominant Gourlay and went 5-1 down by the fourth end and never really recovered. McCrorie grabbed a single in end five and that was the last shot Gourlay allowed him. It was all over by end seven as Gourlay racked up a 10-2 lead and took the set and match. Gourlay goes through to the second round early next week on Tuesday 23rd.