Gourlay & King added to the pairs semi finals berths

11 January, 2020

Second match of the afternoon here in the World Indoor Open Pairs event was Scotland’s David Gourlay MBE with England’s Mervyn King going up against the partnership of England’s Mark Royal and Robert Paxton.

Mervyn King & Mark Royal

Into the first set and it was Gourlay and King that settled in the quickest taking seven shots off Royal and Paxton with no reply. Ends five and six though saw a response of three shots but it was Gourlay and King that sealed the set with a further single. Score 8,3

Second set was a much tighter affair with top draw bowls from all players and by the close of end five it was 3-3. This time it was Royal and Paxton that sealed the second set in ends six and seven with two counts of three to close the set 3,9 and get the much needed tie-break.

Into the tie-break and it was one end each. What happened on the third end was simply stunning and watch it on youtube.com/worldbowlstour!!. The last four bowls between the two skips, Gourlay and Paxton were out of this world - the jack was right back on the edge of the ditch - Gourlay drew and just feathered the jack a millimetre and his toucher just tipped over the edge, Paxton drew and was only just short, Gourlay drew again - a second time he just feathered the jack about 2 millimetres and again his toucher just tipped over the edge to lie right beside his other - Paxton drew again and was only just short - Tie break and match to Gourlay and King in stupendous fashion 8,3 - 3,9 - 2,1. They go through to the first semi final were they face the pairing of Marshall and Foster Sunday 12th 2.00pm.