Gourlay joins the fray in the quarter finals

9 March, 2016

Last match of the day was David Gourlay against Waynne Hogg, both players from Scotland. The first set was a scintillating affair with both players producing stunning bowls of a high calibre. Gourlay got off to a good start against Hogg going 4-3 up by the 5th end in the first set but Hogg responded well and by the 8th end it was 8 all. It was Gourlay that managed to come out on top in end 9 with a single to take the first set 7-6.

Into the second set and it was Gourlay that got off to a flying start going 6 -0 up by the end of the 3rd, however, Hogg started to chip away at Gourlay and took the next four ends with singles and it was looking like he could make a tie break happen. Gourlay dug deep and played a great 8th end to take a double off Hogg to make it 8-4 and left Hogg with nowhere to go - Gourlay into the quarters.