Gourlay is through a tough one

14 January, 2016

First match of the afternoon here at the World Indoor Championships was between David Gourlay and Gary R Smith. The first set was an incredible affair and show of draw bowls and some very tight heads with Gourlay getting off to a great start with three doubles and a single in the first 4 ends, then Smith varied the mat and jack and took the next five ends withy four singles and a double , he was looking for a fine conversion shot but missed by a whisker and it was Gourlay that took the opening set 7-6.

The second set was again a set of quality bowls with both players trying to close the othyer down and by end 6 it was 5-6 to Smith – then Gourlay seemed to up a gear and closed out Smith with draw bowls and the occasional running bowl to deny Smith any opportunity to get a count. Gourlay took 9 shots over the remainder of the match to devastate Smith 10-6, but the scoreline does not reflect the way the match went and I can recommend watching it on the WBT Stream which is available on www.youtube.com/worldbowlstour