Gourlay heads into the quarters

5 November, 2019

It was Scotland’s Head Coach, David Gourlay MBE, up against the ‘Welsh Wizard’ , Jason Greenslade in the second match of the afternoon looking for a quarter final berth in the Scottish International Open.

It was Gourlay that started the first set in electric style as he peppered the jack and very quickly built a solid lead leading by 6 shots by the fifth end 2,8. Greenslade valiently tried to stay in the fray but Gourlay continued to deny him anywhere to go and closed the set out 3,14

Greenslade delivering his bowl

The second set was a much tighter affair but it was still Gourlay that outdrew Greenslade time after time. Greenslade was really trying but several times was beaten with a master bowl from Gourlay. With only 10 shots scored between them this shows how tight the match was but it was Gourlay that took the second set and match 2,8.