gourlay fast track to quarter finals in the Open Singles

21 January, 2020

The last match of the day out of the International Arena at Potters Resort in the ‘Just’ 2020 World Indoor Open Singles was between World No 13, Michael Stepney and World No 4, David Gourlay for a place in the quarter finals.

David Gourlay MBE

First set and Michael simply could not compete against an on fire Gourlay. Stepney tried but Gourlay just put up minimum length jacks and Stepney could not find the pace quick enough and it was Gourlay that stormed through the first set with a clear 15 shots.

Michael Stepney

Second though it was again Gourlay that started well, 1-5 up by the fifth end with Stepney fighting hard all the way. Gourlay took another double on end six to go six shots ahead and Stepney still carried on the hard fight. He managed to take a single in end seven and another two in end eight to give himself half a chance for the final end. Gourlay then played really clever and simply shut down any options that Stepney could have to make the desired count and it was Gourlay that took the last set and match 5,7