Glassey topples second seed from the International Open

7 March, 2016

Scotland’s Jonathan Ross came up against a determined New Zealand’s Murray Glassey and in the first set it looked as if it was going to be Ross all the way through. As Glassey seemed to struggle a little to find line and pace and Ross took full advantage as he powered his way through to a 11-1 scoreline in the first set and Ross looked quite comfortable.

Into the second set and the wheels came off for Ross as Glassey found form and reversed the tables on Ross and it was Galssey that then powered through to a 2-9 scoreline to force a 3 end tie break upon Ross. Into the first end of the tie break it was Glassey that broke Ross and took the first end - Glassey found the second end and he lay shot and it was Ross that then seemed to struggle to get his weight correct and dropped just short of Glassey’s bowls and it was Glassey who took the second end of the tie break and match with a scoreline of 11-1, 2-9, 0-2.