Gillett ousts marshall for a place in the quarter finals

8 November, 2017

First match of the afternoon was between Scotland’s 6 times World Indoor Champion, Alex Marshall MBE, and England’s Les Gillett. Into the first set and it looked as if it was all going the way of Marshall as he took a 4-2 lead by the 5th end. Into the 6th and Marshall took another well earned singke from Gillett. Both players were playing solid bowls and in end 7 it was Marshall that took a double to go 7-2 up and it looked as if the set was going the way of Marshall. Gillett had other plans though as he palyed superbly and took a triple on end 8 and then fought hard and took a double off Marshall in the 9th end to force a drawn set at 7,7.

Into the second set and both  players had raised their game again and some really good standard of bowls was played and neithe player giving and inch to eah other. Marshall went 4-2 yp in the 6th end and yet again Gillet dug deep as he took the next three ends with two singles and a double to tke the second set and match 4-6. Marshall departs for home as a highly pleased Gillet moves into the quarter finals.