Gillett lives up to his nickname of the ‘Razor’

21 January, 2020

Last match here in the International Arena in the ‘Just’ 2020 World Indoor Championships Open Singles was a second round match between World Indoor No 5. Les ‘Razor’ Gillett and six times World Indoor Champion, Alex Marshall MBE. It was Gillett though that was absolutely on top form and playing some of the best bowls he has produced in quite a while, no matter what Marshall was able to produce it was Gillett that really did turn it on.

Marshall waits to deliver his bowl against Gillett

In the first set by the close of end five Gillett was 6,2 up he went on to take another single away from Marshall on end six. End seven though it was Marshall that produced one of his greats and he took away a single but or was Gillett that sealed that first set with another single in end eight. 8,3

In the second set again it Gillett that stormed ahead going 6,2 ahead by the start of the fifth end and he carried on this form to take a double and a single count in the next two ends. Marshall did not give though and fought on and he managed to get a great two shots on end seven to reduce the deficit to 9,4. Gillett though again finished in style as he managed to hold onto a double for end eight and takes the second set 11,4 to go through to the quarter finals.