gillett fills the last place in the semi finals

7 November, 2019

England’s Les Gillett, World No. 5, was up against the defending champion and World No1, Scotland’s Stewart Anderson in the last of today’s quarter finals.

Gillett started off well, as did Anderson, but it was Gillett that found the first three ends taking three singles in a row but Anderson dug in and took the next two ends with a double and a treble count to put himself 5,3 up. Next Gillett played a great last bowl to steal the end with one shot but it was Anderson that sealed the first set with superb bowls to take both a treble and then a single. 9,4.

The second set saw a big surprise as Gillett started producing phenominal bowls, millimetre perfect and put Anderson under the cosh. No matter what the defending champion produced it was Gillett that went one better taking the first 4 ends with single counts. Again Anderson tried to respond but Gillett was relentless as he took first a three, then a two and finally a full count of four to take the second set 0,13.

Into the tie break and Anderson really dug deep and produced millimetre perfect bowls taking the first end. Gillett was not be outdone and it was his turn to take the next end. The third and final end it was Gillett that was holding shot, Anderson had two bowls left as did Gillett. Anderson took time and played a full drive, lifted the jack into the back ditch, Gillett also took his time and played a great long bowl finishing a foot off the bank more or less in lune with the jack - Anderson drew with his final bowl, it was inch perfect as it stopped right on the edge of the rink, shot and match bowl, then to the horror of Anderson it slowly toppled over into the ditch and the match went to Gillett.