Royal cruises into the second round

2 November, 2019

On the first day of the Scottish International Open 2019 hosted by Live Active at the Dewards Centre in Perth, Scotland both Mark Royal and Les Gillett had fairly easy first round matches.

Royal was playing Dan LeMessurier from the USA in his first round match and the first set looked to be a tight affair to start as LeMessurier had it pegged at 5-5 in end 6. Into end 7 LeMessurier then took a strgange decision to try to clear the jack into the ditch with his first bowl, missed and then tried again with his next two, leaving the way open for Royal to calmly put another two bowls around the jack.

Dan LeMessurier and Mark Royal

Royal then finished off the first set in the next end with a count of two and into the second set. Here it was all about Royal as he took the first six ends with no reply from LeMessurier to go 9,0 up leaving Le Messurier with nowhere to go but back home.