George Lotter - South Africa- did not get out of the blocks

17 January, 2018

Last match of the afternoon here was between World Ranked No. 2 - England’s Nick Brett and George Lotter from South Africa. Lotter took a while to grab the pace of the rink and put up a valient fight but it was Brett that took to the rink straight away and showed him a clean pair of heels as he powered his way through the first set to take the set 10,5 in 8 ends. Lotter had only managed to get three singles against Brett in this set.

Lotter seemed to get a second wind and came back into the match in the second set going 3-4 up in the 4th end. Then disaster struck as an on fire Brett took two counts of three off Lotter in he next two ends to go 9-4 up. Although Lotter tried every angle in the book to stay with Brett the World No. 2 left him no room as he shut Lotter down with strategic bowls. Although Lotter won the next three ends Brett played a great game in allowing Lotter no more than than that and Brett picked up the second set and match 9-7. Lotter said,” Although I did not make it out there on the rink I enjoyed every second of it and will be trying hard to get back. It is a fantastic experience and next time I will be better prepared having had this experience of playing out there on the portable in front of camera’s, lights and people. It is just a super feeling and I cannot wait to try to get back”.