gale blows out in the World open singles

17 January, 2017

The final match of today in the ‘Just’ 2017 World Indoor Open Singles was between Blackpool’s hopeful Chris Gale, a PBA Qualifier, against Scotland’s David Gourlay. Into the first set and neither player was giving away a lot on the portable rink - Gourlay taking the first two ends with two singles, Gale responding on end 3 with a single and then both players taking a doble to take the score 7-3 to Gourlay on the 6th end. Gale took a single on the seventh and Gourlay managed to find a single on each of the last two - First set to Gourlay 9-4.

Into the second end and this one proved to be a bit of a scrappy affair with neither player quite finding line nor weight, It was 3 all by the 5th and then Gale picked up a treble to go 3 ahead of Gourlay in the 6th end. Gourlay and Gale were both struggling with the occasional good bowl over the next three ends but it was Gourlay that scrabbled over the line on all three ends to take the set 7-6 and match to go through to the second round where he faces the winner of the Jason Greenslade v Neil Furman match.