foster withstands gale

6 November, 2017

Second match of the afternoon was between Scotland’s 5 times World Indoor Champion, Paul Foster MBE and England’s Chris Gale. Gale had suffered a football injury only a week ago to his knee but was determined to stay in the event and play his match.

In the first set though it was apparent that Gale’s determination to succeed meant that Foster had to be on his match as Gale took the first two ends with singles. End 3 and Foster took a single off Gale who promptly responded with a double on end 4. Foster turned up the heat and played outstanding bowls to take the next 4 ends and claim the first set 9-4.

Second set and Foster was playing at the top of his form, Gale was playing well but it was Foster that produced outstanding bowls to deny Gale any hope of getting a tie break. Foster took the second set and match 8-3