foster joins the fray for the quarter finals

9 November, 2016

Twice Scottish International Open Champion Paul Foster MBE looked comfortable in the opening set of his second round game against Blackpool’s Mark Dawes. Foster was in form from the start and was merciless in set one and won it 10.4 after just eight ends.

Dawes rallied in set two and took a 4.2 lead after four ends but Foster was relentless in set two as well, asking Dawes all sort of questions and forcing him into shot play. But Dawes dug deep and started to tie ends together he took a 7.2 lead after six ends. Another end to Dawes and 9.2 to the Lancashire Lad. Dawes fought hard and came away with a 11.2 second set score line.Tie break.

Foster again put Dawes under pressure at the first end. Dawes tried to play the perfect bowl, gets a result, but loses the end on a really tight micrometer measure. End one to Foster. End two Dawes draws in close, Foster tries to run jack through, only to see it go close to another of Dawes’s bowls. One end each. Final end and it was the third bowl of Foster that drew shot. Dawes plays a runner and nicks Fosters bowl out of the head. Foster then draws the perfect shot yet again. Dawes runs at the head but misses and Foster fist punches the air in sheer delight at having won through to the quarters.