foster is in top form and ready for the final

9 November, 2018

First semi final off the afternoon saw Les Gillet face off against Paul Foster MBE in front of a packed house here at the Dewars Centre in Perth, Scotland. Into the first set and it was Foster that got of to a great start taking 7 shots in the first three ends. Gillett responded then with three singles over the next three ends. Foster was showing that he was on top form time and time again as he picked off another single in end seven to extend his lead to 3,8. Then it was Gilletts turn as he stepped up his game and took the next two ends with a count of three and then a two to make the first set a tie at 8 all.

Second set and Foster kicked off with a count of three, Gillett responded taking two singles over the next two ends. Again Foster came back with two singles and a double in the next three ends to be clear by five shots. Gillett dug deep but was just not quite there as a couple of times his bowls where just short and with two single counts on ends seven and eight he was left with a lot or work to do. End nine and Gillett needed three shots to get a tie, he held a good two and with one bowl each left to play there was a chance. Gillett went first and attempted the draw, line was good and all thought he was correct but then it pulled up and stopped two inches short of making the three count he needed and it was Foster that goes through to tomorrow and the Grand Final.