Foster & Field raise the game in the Mixed Pairs

15 January, 2016

Final match of the day in the quarter finals of the Professional World Indoor Mixed Pairs saw Paul Foster MBE and Rebecca Field against Mervyn King and reigning Ladies World Matchplay Champion Laura Thomas. Into set one and it was a close fought match start with all four players viieng for that elusive shot bowl. It was Foster and Field that slowly came out on top though as they gathered pace and by end 6 were 4 shots up at 6-2. King and Thomas manged to grapple away a single and a double by the 8th to make the score 6-5 and just needed a double to wrest the set away from Foster & Field but it was the Scottish Ace, Foster, who managed to play his incredible bowls to gather a single and take the first set 7-5.

Into the second set and again it was a tight played match between the four players and once again it was Foster & Field that slowly drew away with Foster playing some superb back end bowls so that by end 6 it was 4-3 to Foster & Field. Over the next two ends it was Foster doing damage to King and Thomas and end 7 Foster & Field collected another three shots and then tooped it off with a further single in end 8 to take the second set and match with a scoreline of 7-5, 8-3 and they go through to the semi finals on Sunday 17th to face Darren Burnett & Katherine Rednall.