foster & field oust gourlay & murphy from the mixed pairs

22 January, 2017

In today’s semi-final Foster joined up with new partner Rebecca Field from Norwich as they traded blows with Scotland’s elite squad coach and three time former holder of this title, David Gourlay and Australia’s top woman bowler Karen Murphy. Foster and Field took the first set 6-3, but only managed one scoring end in the second with Gourlay and Murphy winning 8-3 to force a best of three decider.

The titanic tussle ensued as they shared one end each and on the last Gourlay and Murphy looked  as though  they had done enough, ditching the jack with their third bowl and holding the shot some eighteen inches away. However that scenario didn’t last for long with Foster’s third bowl drawing to within a foot and with his last, Gourlay’s drive missed the target  and they lost the tie break 2-1 and with it their place in the final.

Later both players agreed that it had  been a high quality exchange, with some massive bowls played in a match that could have gone either way.  Field won the battle of the leads in the first set and then Murphy completely dominated in the second and all played their part in the tie break. Foster did admit that there were some challenging runs on the carpet, saying “Sometimes it’s difficult to find a consistent line and when you think you’ve cracked it, it makes a fool of you.”