foster edges past doubler in tie break nailbiter

15 January, 2019

Five times World Indoor Open Singles Champion, Scotland’s Paul Foster MBE was faced with PBA Qualifier from Wales, Damian Doubler in the afternoon first round singles match.

Damian Doubler and Paul Foster MBE

The first set started well for Doubler, he found his weight and line straight of and he was producing first class bowls against Foster and by end four it was 1,3 to Doubler. Into end five and again it was Doubler that seemed to be in the driving seat, just being better at the lead bowls he was putting the Scottish Champion under great pressure. Foster responded though taking the next three ends with three singles to edge 1 shot lead over Damian – then Damian produced a great bowl to take one shot end eight to level the core at four all. End eight and it was Foster that held a double and it was Damian that just overplayed his weight and Foster took the first set 6,4.

Into the second set and again it was Doubler that was just pipping Foster and it was the Welshman that took the first four ends with just single counts to 0,4 up. Doubler was clearly on top form and it was Foster that was not quite up to the mark and by end seven he found himself 2,5 down. Doubler piled on the pressure and took a single and then a double to take the second set 2,8 and force the tie break.

Damian Doubler

End one of the tie break and yet again it was Doubler that scrabled past the line leaving Foster with the hard task of winning the next two ends or going home. Second end it was again Doubler that held the shot and it was Foster that had to really dig deep – he did and produced the shot that Champions do when under pressure and second end to Foster. Third end and the match could go to either player, this is the time when nerves creep in and it was the experience of Foster that really came to the fore as he produced a great couple of lead bowls and it was Damian this time that just could not match his previous bowls, losing his steady draw and not quite getting his weight right and it was Foster that again produced the last great bowl and pipped Damian by mere inches to take the last end and match.