foster books his slot

15 January, 2020

The last match of the afternoon here in the International Arena at Potters Resort in the ‘Just’ 2020 World Indoor Open Singles was between 5 times World Indoor Champion, Scotland’s Paul Foster MBE and England qualifier, Lee Harris.

Harris delivers his bowl as Foster looks on

Harris opened up the proceedings taking a single on end one with Foster taking a single on each of the next two ends. Both players were playing well and Harris was making it tough for Foster. Ends for and five it was Harris that held off Foster and took a single away on both ends. End six and Foster managed to get a single count to level the set at 3 all. End seven and this time it was Foster that managed to hold of a determined Harris and take a count of two shots. Harris though was having none of it and he powered a three shot count on end eight to go one ahead. Foster had to rsie to the occassion and he held off Harris to take a single on end nine to finish the set at an amazing scoreline of 6 all.

Second set and it was Foster that came out of his corner, upped his game and took control of the match as he powered his way through everything that Harris put down the rink to take an 8,0 lead by the close of end five. Harris was still determined and he fought back with a double and a single count over the next two ends but in the end it was an on form Foster that took a double on end eight to seal the second set and match 10.3.