foster and marshall in tie-break finish for a place in the pairs final

14 January, 2019

The first semi final this afternoon in the World Indoor Open Pairs was between two long standing pairs partnerships of Scottish origin, namely Colin Walker and Ronnie Duncan and Paul Foster MBE and Alex Marshall MBE – a rerun of last years semi final.

Alex Marshall MBE, Paul FosterMBE, Ronnie Duncan & Colin Walker

Into set one and it was Walker and Duncan that took this with a count of two which was equalled by Foster and Marshall on the next end to level at two all. For the remaining five ends in the first set it seemed as if Walker and Duncan were walking on water as they denied any opposition shots to remain as they took a single and then a triple count and followed this with 3 singles to take the first set in blistering form 2,9

Into the second set and it was Marshall that raised the stakes with some terrific bowls to edge into a lead on end three to go one ahead of Walker and Duncan 3,1. End four and it was a single, followed by a brilliant bowl to grab a double count taking Walker and Duncan to a 3,4 lead. End six and this time it was Foster and Marshall that held a three count to go 6,4. Final end and nothing Walker or Duncan could produce stopped Foster and Marshall taking another count, this time a double to clinch the second set 8,4.

Into the tie break and it was Marshall with a great bowl under pressure to take the first end. Walker and Duncan held onto a single in the second end and it all came down to the last end of the match. It came down to Marshall and Walker as skips to try to get that last important count for the match, the jack had been pinged into the back ditch and was live – Marshall was shot down and had to play within millimetres of the rinkside bank to a full length draw to get his bowl right down to the jack in the ditch – he played a great draw shot and took the shot leaving only about 2.5 feet for Walker to try to beat it – great line and it was all about the weight but Walker’s bowl just ran out of steam and Foster/ Marshall took the last end of the tie break and match for a place in the final next Monday live on BBC Television.