Foster adds his hat to the semi final fray

7 November, 2019

Fives times World Indoor Champion, Scotland’s Paul Foster MBE, stepped out onto the portable rink to play England’s former World Indoor Singles Champion, Robert Paxton in a bid for a place in the semi finals.

Both players were hungry for the place and their standard of play was exceedingly high and at end 4 it was a mere 2 all. Then Foster turned on what can only be called a master class in bowls as he powered his way through the rest of the set. No matter what Paxton put down it was Foster that reigned supreme. Set to Foster 10,2.

Robert Paxton delivering his bowl

Into the second set and right from the off it was Foster that was playing bowls to within millimetres of the jack. No matter what Paxton tried it was Foster’s bowls that stayed put and by end three it was 7,0 to Foster. In ends four and five Paxton managed to retain a result and he picked four shots to reduce the deficit to three. The next two ends it was 2 apiece but it was Foster that closed it all down taking a double on end 8 to take the set and match 11,6.