forrest takes out defending champion rednall in the ladies singles

23 January, 2019

Ladies semi final one was between Scotland’s 7 x National Singles Champion, Julie Forrest and Katherine Rednall, 3 x times Ladies World Indoor Champion and it promised to be a promising match with both Ladies on form at the Championships this year.

Katherine Rednall

In the first few ends there was not a lot between the ladies and the score stood at 2,2 in the fourth end. Rednall then seemed to find an awesome run which Forrest just could not get to grips with and it was Rednall that went away with the first set. Not that Forrest was playing too badly, more that Rednall had the edge and that little bit of lady luck. First set to Rednall 11,2.

First end of the second set to Forrest with a single, second end Forrest was holding and Rednall ran at it, she was off target, caught a front bowl and had a wicked result as it cannoned into the jack and head and suddenly she had three shots. End three and this time it was Forrest that was down, runner played, caught the jack and it was Forrest that collected the three shots this time. Ends four, five and six were all close and it was Rednall that came away with a single on each occasion. Forrest dug in though and played a great seventh end to collect a count of three to go one ahead 6,7. Rednall collected a single on end eight to level at 7,7. Last end of the set and a superb bowl from Forrest finally took this and gave Forrest the tie break.

Julie Forrest

First end eventually went to Forrest, she also held second end and game with Katherine having last bowl. Katherine played a runner, bowl caught the jack which then rebounded, hit a front bowl and popped out the side to one of Katherines bowls, second end to Katherine – match all square. Last end and again Katherine was match down but could not do anything about it and it is Forrest that goes through to the final on Thursday afternoon.