forrest in semi final in the Ladies World Matchplay

18 January, 2020

Its the ‘Just’ 2020 World Indoor Championships Ladies World Matchplay quarter finals day here at Potters Resort and the first Match up was between the defending Champion from Scotland, Julie Forrest and fellow Scots lady, PBA qualifier Lorna Cameron.

Cameron and Forrest

Forrest got of to a flying start in the first set taking seven well earned shots off Cameron in the first four ends before Cameron could get a reply in on end five where she managed to grab a count of three. Forrest responded taking the next two ends with two doubles and Cameron tried valiantly to respond but was only allowed a single shot in end eight. First set to Forrest 11,4

The second set and although Cameron really did try hard it was Forrest that was the better player as she again denied Cameron any chances and took the first five ends with a total of six shots. Cameron did manage a single on end six and again on end eight but the second set was all Forrest’s as she claimed the second set 7,2 and a place in the semi finals here next Wednesday the 22nd January.