Field joins the Ladies Semi Finals line-up

16 January, 2016

Last match of the afternoon was between Alison Merrien MBE from the Channel Islands against Englands Rebecca Field and what a scrap that turned out be. In the first set it seemed as if Field was off to a flying start as she piled in the shots against Merrien and was 10-2 up in the 5th end. Merrien though used her experience and dug deep and came back with a single in end 6, then swiftly took two threes to bring the set score to 9-10 against by the start of end 9 – it then became a battle of who could keep shot – Field won and took a single to finish the set 11-9

Into set two and it was Merriens turn to pile on the pressure and by end 7 she was 7-3 in front. Field fought her all the way and in end 8 managed to retain a single. End 9 Field was holding three shots and Merrien had last bowl, she played a weighted shot to try to remove at least 1 of Fields bowls from around the head, but, the bowl stuck on the line and Merrien just whisked pass leaving Field with three shots for a set draw and match with the scoreline at 9-11, 7-7.