Falkner adds to the Ladies Line up in the semi’s

16 January, 2016

First match of the afternoon here at Potters Resort was Scottish International, Julie Forrest up against England International Ellen Faulkner in the Ladies World Matchplay. This turned out to be a cracking match though in the first set it did look as if Falkner was struggling to find the rink likes lots of other players have in the first set as it looked as if Forrest was going to have it all her own way. In the first set Forrest seemed to cruise to a set winning 9-4 score.

Into the second set and it was very soon apparent that Falkner had settled in and by the 5th end she was 4-2 up. She took another two doubles in ends 6 and 7 to go 8-2 up before Forrest was able to retaliate, Forrest played really well and Falkner had to defend well as Forrest came strongly back with a three in end 8 and then again looking for a win but was held down to only taking a double to go 6-8 down in the second set and face a match tie break.

The match tie break was an exciting affair with neither player giving way but it was Falkner who took the first end and Forrest that took the second. After the dust had settled from a hard fought battle it was Falkner that took the third and last end for set and match with a finishing scoreline of 9-4, 6-8, 1-2.