early bath for whyers

6 May, 2016

Having only just qualified for the Co-operative Funeralcare European Masters last Sunday at Lincoln IBC it was a disappointed Mathew Whyers heading home after his defeat by Billy Jackson. It was a good match with both players playing really well in the drawing bowls but it was Jackson that just pipped Whyers to the post. In set one there was little to choose between either player with the scoreline being 6 all at the end of the 8th end and it was Jackson taking a narrow single from Whyers to take the first set 6-7.

In the second set Whyers opened up with a full house, Jackson responded with a single and then Whyers took another single to make the scoreline 5-2 to Whyers. Then the wheels came off as Jackson lay a count of 4 close bowls and Whyers twice missing with drives to attempt to clear the head so Jackson was 6-5 up going into the 6th end where Whyers took a single off Jackson. Then horror struck as again Jackson lay 3 good shots - Whyers drove and missed, Jackson drew in a fourth bowl and left an inviting target for a drive, Whyers drove - and missed leaving Jackson 10-6 up going into the the 8th end. Jackson sealed the fate for Whyers by taking a single count on end 8 for set and match. 6,7 - 6,10.