Eadie joins the rest in the semi finals in style

16 January, 2016

Last match of the day here at Potters Resort in the Just Retirement Ladies World Indoor Matchplay Championship saw Cliodhna Eadie from Ireland take on Katherine Rednall from England and it had a near capacity crowd at the resort enthralled with high class bowls and action and is well worth watching the replay on the WBT youtube channel: www.youtube.com/worldbowlstour.

By the end of the 6th end in the first set it was a mere 3 across , neither player letting the other get more than one shot and the standard was so high between the two ladies it had the audience mesmerised. Rednall got away with two more singles in ends 7 and 8 and it was Eadie that managed a stunning shot to close the set with a count of three to take the first set.

In the second set it was Rednall that stepped up a gear and with some truly nail biting play against an equally determined Eadie she squeezed shots away from Eadie to get a 5-2 lead by the 6th end. Rednall continued the same play for the next two ends to take the set with a further double and single. Tie Break: Again, bowls to such a high standard awed the crowd and Eadie stole the first end as Rednall was forced to play a drive and missed, the second end it was Rednall that held shot, only millimetres was the gap between two of Rednalls bowls and jack, the players looking on from the players lounge were silently urging Eadie to strike and were awestruck when Eadie calmly proceeded to play a draw – it was literally millimetre perfect and Eadie to the second end and set. Set score was 5-6, 8-2, 0-2.