defending champions chestney & doig through to semi-finals

18 January, 2019

It was a battle of the leads and skips as both ladies were leading and it was Rednall that just had the edge over Doig to start with in that battle but it was the reverse in the battle of the skips where it was Chestney that puleed out some great shots and perfect results to tip the scales as team Chestney/Doig took the first two ends with a single on each. End three and this time it was Harlow that outplayed Chestney with a great one to take a single. However, over the next three ends it was Chestney that pulled the shots as no matter what Harlow put in, Chestney just went that one better and team Chestney / Doig took the next three ends with a double, single and a triple to take the first set 8,1.

Lesley Doig, Katherine Rednall, Jamie Chestney & Greg Harlow

Set two and it was team Harlow / Rednall that took the first two ends with two singles in great style but it was Chestney / Doig that piled on the pressure in the next two ends. Time after time it was Chestney that put in the killer bowl, not that Harlow was not good, just that Chestney seemed to find that superb last response each time as they took a single and a double, so it was end four – 3,2. End five though and it was good lead from Rednall followed by great bowls from Harlow to see them take a count of three to go two shots ahead. But iw was Chestney that was doing all the major damage out there as he pulled through some great bowls to take the next two ends for set two and the match. 8,1 – 8,5. So Chestney and Doig, defending Champions go through to Sundays semi-finals.