Dawes slam shut on Burnett for a place in the semi finals at blackpool

9 March, 2017

Quarter final 3 here at Newton Hall Holiday Park in Blackpool was between local hope Mark Dawes and Scotlands Darren Burnett and in truth was a match of two halves with these two players. Into the first set it was Burnett that was the dominant player as he set a 31 metre jack and Dawes struggled to be consistant on that length and end after end it was Burnett that was the most consistant. In fact Dawes only managed to get one single in the whole of the first set and that went to Burnett 1-10.

Into the second set and the roles were totally reversed as it was Dawes that got the jack and set a length of 24 metres and this time it was Burnett that could not live with that. By the 3rd end Dawes was 3-1 up and it was Dawes that took the next 3 ends with two singles and a double to go 7-1 up. Burnett managed a double in end 7 but Dawes finished it off with a further double to take the second set 9-3 and forced a tie break.

Despite everything that Burnett threw at him it was Dawes that took the first end, again it was Dawes that took the second and match to go through to the semi - finals