Dawes shows the ‘door’ to jackson

6 November, 2016

Second match of the afternoon was between Blackpool’s Mark Dawes and Lincoln’s Billy Jackson and was a match of high interest. Dawes freely admitted that he had a terrible first set against Jackson and struggled to get to grips with the rink. 8-3 down by the 5th end it was beginning to look as if it was curtains for Dawes. However, Dawes is a player that never, ever gives up and he stuck it out losing the first set 10-5.

Into the second set and it was Dawes that came out of the blocks almost like a new man and fought his way through to the 5th end to go 4-3 up on Jackson. From there Dawes did not look back as he took the next two ends with a triple and a double to go 11 – 3 up. Jackson was still in the hunt though and only managed a single in the next end so the 2nd set went to Dawes. Tie-Break time and it was Jackson that took the first end, Dawes took the second so the whole match was down to the last end which Dawes managed to grab to take the match 5-10, 11-4, 2-1